Who are we?

We are a group of students with diverse backgrounds who are interested in how data science can be used to promote social causes. Through the organization of Hack4Good we want to connect students from ETH with non-profit organizations and allow them to apply their theoretical knowledge on real-life problems.

Xiang Li

MSc student in Applied Mathematics specializing in statistics and machine learning. Enjoys playing the piano as well as discovering new cities and mountains.

Tabea Donauer

MSc student in Environmental Engineering, interested in geospatial data analysis and how it can contribute to the solution of environmental challenges. Enjoys swimming and hiking.

David Hofer

BSc student in Computer Science, fascinated by explaining and understanding dynamics in our world from economics to board games through data and models. Love reading and playing basketball or other sports.

Mariana Satiro Coelho

MSc in Finance and BSc in Applied Mathematics. In love with nature and on how to make use of individual skills to build collaborative social projects.

Gianluca Mancini

MSc student in Energy Science and Technology, passionate about energy transition and the role which data science plays in it. I love Sachertorte and jogging!

David Wissel

MSc in Statistics, particularly interested in data engineering and biostatistics. Otherwise usually found reading or running along the Limmat.

Pablo Lahmann

BSc student in Mathematics, getting started on exploring topics within Data Science. I really enjoy dancing, movies and badminton.

Daiki Brender

Msc student in Mathematics. I came from the theoretical side, so I’m excited to see the real-world impact of what we can do. I enjoy reading nonfiction books on my balcony.