Who are we? Why do we exist?

The Analytics Club counts about 400 members, all sharing their passion about Machine Learning! Our goal is to allow students to expand their knowledge and apply their skills, while helping bridge the gap between the academic world and industry. All members can benefit from more exposure to concrete use-cases of analytics skills, learn about potential future opportunities and much more. Most importantly, we pride ourseleves in hosting fun and engaging events, where like-minded people are free to join.

This student society is run by our 8 board members below and many more helpers that join us in various committees. We are all students studying in areas related to data science and are engaged in shaping the community in the greater Zurich area. If you are interested in joining forces, feel free to reach out to us directly at internal@analytics-club.org!

Steven Battilana

MSc in CS with focus in Data Science and Quantitative Finance. Always striving to leave the world better than we found it through my experiences as an on-campus leader and an AI enthusiast with a diverse academic and cultural background.

Pepa Arán
Vice President

MSc in Statistics, eager to understand machine learning from a mathematical perspective and create impact through data science where it is less present. Could not live without music and nature.

David Roschewitz

David Roschewitz
Vice President

MSc in Data Science with a vision of more widely applying state-of-the-art techniques in practice. Enthusiastic landscape photographer and alpine explorer.

Stefan Schöpf
DS Community

MTEC MSc, with a background in mechanical engineering. Passionate about combining analytics and entrepreneurship. Enjoys downhill unicycling, mountain biking and trying new food.

Conrad Schwanitz
External Relations

PhD in Astrophysics, enthusiastic about the interdisciplinary use of machine learning, its daily life implementations and explainable AI. Is always up for winter sports and outdoor activities.

David Wissel

MSc in Statistics, particularly interested in data engineering and biostatistics. Otherwise usually found reading or running along the Limmat.

Emilie Epiney
External Relations

MSc in applied mathematics focusing in statistics and biology, interested in using data to build a better world. Mountain lover and travel enthusiast.

Jules Ancillon
Internal Relations

MSc in applied mathematics focusing in Finance. Interested in using Machine Learning to improve the efficiency of existing process and tackle new issues coming with the digitalisation era. Passionated about Rugby, and all team sports in general!

Our Advisors

Prof. Stefan Feuerriegel

Professor at D-MTEC

Lecturing on Business Analytics and Bayesian Data Science.

Dr. Jürgen Galler

CEO of 1plusX

Former: Chief Strategy Officer at Swisscom, Product Director EMEA at Google, VP Product Management at Bertelsmann