Take a look at the events we organized previously

Take a look at the events we organized previously

Data Science Meetup at ETH HG F33.1

Efficient Coding in Python

Trying to analyze your data, but your python script is just too slow? Come and hear what you can do from Natallie, a software engineer/analyst with more than 9 years of industry experience. An interactive meetup about efficient python coding, with exemplatory jupyter notebooks. Your chance to improve your coding skills and meet like-minded people! Drinks will be offered in BQM afterwards.

Data Science Meetup ETH HG G26.5

After working on machine learning projects in academia, at a bank and at a startup, Théophile analysed 50+ real world machine learning projects for his master thesis. He gathered insights into their structure and execution and will talk about his research and results.

General Assembly ETH HG E33.3

At the general assembly you have the chance to get to know our organization from a different perspective. Meet the new board and enjoy a drink with us after the assembly at BQM.

Data Science Meetup at ETH Zurich

Work on a small challenge in groups, learn about our shared git repository and meet other Data Science enthusiasts :)

General Assembly ETH HG F 26.5

We will present our new board, disclose our finances, and announce our plans for the upcoming semester.

Work Together Meetup at ETH Zurich

Introducing how to use git for better teamwork and a typical project structure for machine learning.

Get-Together Meetup at ETH Zurich

Our first meetup where we introduced the club
and data science competitions we're working on.

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