Hack4Good - Spring 2019

Needs analysis for tackling the humanitarian crisis in Nigeria


Our NGO partner IMPACT Initiatives presented us with the challenge of predicting the need-profiles (MSNA) of people in the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Nigeria, which affects over 7 million people and is one of the largest such crises today. Need-categories are defined by the United Nations and include for example 'Wash', 'Education' or 'Shelter'. Accurate need-profiles help inform evidence-based humanitarian aid and support efficient disaster relief.

Learn more about the first edition of Hack4Good on our press release and on the ETH blog.

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Team Green
Team Yellow
Team Red

“We saved time by asking only the most insightful question using a Bayesian generative model.”

“We leveraged interactive visualization and predictive analytics to identify people in need.”

“We discovered key factors in the data to open new perspectives in the sectoral needs analysis.”

“We used clustering and predictive methods to find people in need, while challenging the definition of sectoral needs.”