What is Hack4Good?

Hack4Good is an 8-week long pro-bono program that matches data science talents from ETH Zurich with non-profit organisations that promote social causes. In close collaboration with such a non-profit, small student teams develop and implement data-driven solutions to increase these organisations’ impact.

What is in for participants?

Hack4Good enables participants to simultaneously gain professional work experience in data science with high-profile organisations and to support a social cause. As a participant, you will engage directly with non-profit representatives to get to know one of their pressing challenges and decide with your team how to solve the problem at hand. In doing so, you will be able to learn not only coding but also project management!

Why non-profits?

Non-profits frequently lack the time and resources to implement analytics projects. However, such projects can often greatly contribute to the ultimate goal of the organisation and thereby produce a positive impact on society. They either help beneficiaries directly or augment the reach of non-profits.

Our projects in 2022?

  • OECD: Using Twitter data to identify trends in Science, Technology and Innovation policymaking
  • Helvetas: Satellite imagery analysis to monitor the impact of trail bridges to connect communities in Nepal
  • IDMC: Developing a media monitoring tool to collect information about internally displaced people
  • WWF: Identification of biodiversity threatening agricultural building projects in Switzerland
  • BASE: Data analyis to increase income of farmers in developing countries and decrease post-harvest loss
  • IMPACT: Detection of survey falsification to improve the impact of humanitarian action

Past editions

  • 2021: Médecins sans Frontières, Helvetas, Impact Initiatives, Rega, ProSoil, Data Lab
  • 2020: Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Helvetas, Impact Initiatives, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Rega
  • Autumn 2019: Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, IMPACT Initiatives

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