Application Closed / Waiting List

The application for the 2021 Datathon has closed. You can still reserve your place on the waiting list button in the sidebar / below or at this link. To all pairs & teams that have applied, we will be in touch shortly.

As the format of the event is somewhat different, we encourage you to check out the FAQ before applying!

The Concept

The next edition of the ACE Datathon is coming on May, 8th-9th

Join us to demonstrate your skills in a real Machine Learning challenge and win tons of physical & cash prizes

The COVID-19 situation imposes great restrictions on all of us and it is our joint responsibility to ensure that the virus is prevented from spreading even further! However, since we believe that human interactions are essential to have a fun coding weekend, we decided the event to take place in a hybrid online/offline format in and around Zurich. Right from the beginning and at the core of all of our planning is the human interaction and all the fun it is accompanied with!

You will register together with at least one other person and work in team sizes of 3 or 4 persons in total for more than 24 hours on the Machine Learning challenges we prepared for you. The people you choose to register with will be your offline team mates, so ask your flat mate, spouse or friend whom you are meeting anyway on a regular basis!

Besides the two main challenges from which your team chooses exactly one, we offer plenty of different fun side challenges, masses of food & snacks, expert sessions to improve your coding and presentation skills, and, and, and ….!


Partners & Supporters

If you would like to support the event as a company, we offer various sponsorship options. It presents a unique opportunity to connect with the machine learning community in Switzerland. We are also open to collaborating in dynamic and customized ways to make the Datathon even better. Reach out to us directly at and we will get back to you right away.

Key Facts

DateMay 8th-9th 2021
CostFree for participants
FormatHybrid (local teams, connected virtually)
Number of participants100
PrerequisitesSome ML / coding experience & big smile
RegistrationAs a pair or full team
David Roschewitz

David Roschewitz
Datathon Organiser