Participant’s Page

This page is meant for all of the participants of the Datathon 2021. You will have received access to this page with your confirmed registration. In addition to the booklet (printed in your “survival box”) and the information email you will have received, this webpage will provide you with all of the essential information for the duration of the event.

Getting Help

We will be available to support you in two main ways:

  • Slack (there is a “#help-desk” channel for all sorts of questions as well as designated channels for other issues)
  • Gathertown Helpdesk (you will find us there throughout the event, come chat to us there)

Important Links

GathertownLink, Password: ACE2021
Slack WorkspaceLink
Zoom – CeremoniesLink


09:30Welcome & Career Fair 1.0Gathertown

At Sponsors
10:30Opening Ceremony (Kick-off, keynotes, challenges)Zoom
11:30Challenge deliberation & Career Fair 2.0Gathertown

At Sponsors
12:00Datasets are releasedKaggle
13:00D|ONE Workshop: Kick-start CodingGathertown

At Auditorium
15:00Credit Suisse
Real estate price prediction

At Auditorium
Mental Disorder Diagnosis

At Auditorium
18:00Challenge Selection DeadlineSlack
12:00Prediction Submission DeadlineKaggle
12:30Accenture Pitching WorkshopGathertown

At Auditorium
13:30Slides Submission DeadlinePolybox
14:00Final CeremonyZoom
15:00End of the Event


Below you will find the NDA attached. Please download it and fill it in for each team member! You can submit it here, or by Email to


You will find a digital version of the booklet below:


Our main goal for the Datathon – prioritized right from the beginning – is that it is a fun event for people who like thinking, coding and the competition! That being said, we expect every participant to behave in a fair manner towards all other participants. In principle that should be enough to state. Nonetheless, we added some more details explicitly in order to (hopefully) clarify all remaining uncertainties.

The Datathon is a machine learning hackathon. This means that we expect you to use machine learning concepts to tackle the main challenge that you decide to work on. But within this framework you might be as creative as possible, and are even encouraged to do so! Besides your knowledge and experience you are allowed to use anything that is publicly available such as code snippets from the internet, pre-trained networks, additional data that you find online, etc. Important is only that it is publicly available and that you are indeed allowed to use it. In the end you and your team need to be the primary authors of your final code.

To mention a few things which are explicitly not allowed: First and foremost, do not exploit Kaggle, do not try to reconstruct the private dataset and do not use any confidential/company code. In case you should have insider information regarding one of the main challenges, you may not use it and should choose the other one. Again, be fair towards all other participants such that everyone can enjoy the competition. This means that you are not allowed to spread any misinformation or manipulate other teams to gain an advantage. Stick to the team members that you registered with. Please do not collaborate with other teams or include any additional external people into your team.

We will ask everyone to submit their code such that if we recognize any suspicious behavior we can reproduce the results. Should there be a violation of the above rules, you and your team can be disqualified from the Datathon at the discretion of the organizers. We reserve the right to add more rules if needed, and will communicate this to everyone via Slack. In case you are unsure about anything, please ask us. Last but not least, please also make sure that you have read, understood and do not violate the Code of Conduct.

Pitch Evaluation Criteria

The final presentation is the last obstacle on your way to win the ACE Datathon 2021. While the general “rules” for a good presentation also apply here, we want to stress a few points that are particularly important for this setting.

  • Timing: Needs to be on point. A pitch can take a maximum amount of 180s! We will take the time and MUTE your team when the time has run out. You will likely only have time to go through around three content slides.
  • Understand your Audience: Put yourself in the shoes of the jury. In contrast to you, they will not have worked on the topic intensively and sees / hears your thoughts for the first time.
  • Story: Think about the selling point of your solution and tell the “story of your product”. What are the key ideas and insights that you believe separate your idea from any other approach? Try to give the impression why you are convinced your product works particularly good while avoiding overselling.
No StoryGood StoryOverselling
We took the data. We build a model. Then we changed it a couple of times and after some time it worked. We do reweighting.In the presented setting it is apparent that certain prediction classes are more similar to each other.We informed ourselves about the structure of different classes. 
Our approach uses the analyzed class hierarchy and thus does not only have high accuracy, but can also provide a richer set of information for the user.
Our approach revolutionizes the field of drug discovery. Not only is it faster, more accurate and perfectly interpretable but also requires less training data than all previous approaches. We are convinced our solution will revolutionize the field.
  • Novelty & Creativity: Showcase the novelty and creativity behind your final solution. You have demonstrated that your approach performs well by scoring a top 3 place, now you should show that you did not follow a standard procedure to get there. Show the insights from the data and your experience you used to tweak and turn at the right ends to come up with the perfect solution.
  • Slides: Present your content visually appealing and with a focus on the key points.

Academic presentation (not ideal for the hackathon)

Solution Pitch (what we are looking for)

  • Presentation Style: Show that you enjoy being in the presentations. Attention span is short after a long weekend. This applies to the other teams, the audience and the jury. To keep everybody focused on your presentation it helps to show enthusiasm and have an engaging demeanor.

Ordering Food

We will be providing you with the necessary coding energy via Here are the key points:

  • On both days, each team will receive a voucher in the amount of CHF 20 x (number of team members).
  • Each team will receive two codes: one for Saturday and one for Sunday (each valid until midnight).
  • The code is tied to the email you provided during the registration – double check with us if you’re unsure. Using the voucher will not work with another email, and each voucher can only be used once.
  • Anything in excess of the voucher amount will be paid by you and your team. If your order below the voucher amount, you simply won’t have to pay anything, but will not get any money back.

To apply the code, follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up on with the provided email
  2. Fill your basket and proceed to checkout
  3. Enter the voucher code
  4. Potentially pay the outstanding balance
  5. Receive food

We will share the food voucher codes for Saturday around 14:00pm with the email you provided for your team.

Deepnote Pro Access

To access the Deepnote collaborative notebooks, please follow the steps at this link.