About Us

This student society is run by our 8 board members below and many more helpers that join us in various committees. We are all students studying in areas related to data science and are engaged in shaping the community in the greater Zurich area. If you are interested in joining forces, feel free to reach out to us directly at internal@analytics-club.org!

Portrait Maria Guskova, President

Maria Guskova

MA in Management & Economics focusing on Finance. Passionate about the technological disruption and digitization in the financial industry, especially since emergence of Blockchain. You can find me playing the piano or bouldering at Höngg in my free time.

Portrait Marco Magno, Vice President

Marco Magno
Vice President

MSc in Data Science, particularly interested in reinforcement learning and biomedicine. Believes that data is the fuel that drives industries and that will drive our future. Otherwise usually found eating or trying new sports.

Portrait Jonathan Lehner, Internal Relations

Jonathan Lehner
Internal Relations

MSc in applied mathematics focusing in Finance. Interested in using Machine Learning to improve the efficiency of existing process and tackle new issues coming with the digitalisation era. Passionated about Rugby, and all team sports in general!

Portrait Vivek Boddu, quant

Vivek Boddu

Master student in Mathematics at ETH with a focus in mathematical finance & machine learning and a passion for research and entrepreneurship. Also enjoys lifting heavy things and mongolian throat singing.

Portrait Simon Neff, Industry Relations

Simon Neff
Industry Relations

MSc in Management, Technology and Economics, interested in Statistics and its application in Business. Believes that data is the oil of tomorrow. Passionate about sport, cooking, and enjoys spending evenings at a cocktail bar or sushi place with friends.

Portrait Didem Durukan, Marketing & Community

Didem Durukan
Marketing & Community

MA in Computer Science at the University of Zurich. In ACE, I am responsible for marketing and community events. In my free time I like playing tennis and kickboxing.

Portrait Radenko Tanasic, Industry Relations

Radenko Tanasic
Industry Relations

Graduated as a MSc in Finance, now a MSc student in Computational Science. This transition emerged from my curiosity about how things in real-life actually work. In fact, how mathematical modelling and scientific computing in symbiosis with AI can help us to understand and see through this messy thing called “reality”. And sometimes I like to have a sauna and take an ice bath (in any given order).

Portrait Carlos García Meixide, Community

Carlos García Meixide

MSc in Statistics, with a focus on both the theory and applications of machine learning in biotechnology, physics and music. He regards AI as the contemporary unfolding of mathematics and as an influential communication channel with what is unknown. He loves outdoor sports and playing instruments.